Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm 20 !!!!


SO yeah wow IM 20!!!! :~/ I still don't know how I feel about that, but its a fact and that number is only going to get bigger and bigger so I better get used to it. and also that means I have less than 6 months left of the mission. We just got photos of the Hnas that were in our district in the MTC and they are all home and kicking it back with the family. it was weird to see that. Basically Last week was great! Nothing much Grand or Life Changing happened, but it was a great week! Elder maughan is super cool! hes pretty quite, until were in lessons then he does a lot of teaching! hes a great teacher and it really made some good lessons. Oh and I did get my cards from everyone! it was great to see them all and hear from a bunch of you. I did get My ACT book too. Its huge, it will keep me busy, it has 5 full tests to take before the actual test so its full of things to learn and work on. Yeah.... what else... The ***'s got confirmed and it went great! They are such a cool family and they are soo sooo happy to have found the church! also, They are learning English really quickly.**** (11) she has been here for like 8 months and already can speak quite a bit and understands a lot. *** (16) she refuses to speak it in front of us, but does understand a lot. she just hates English for some reason. They also had a big problem on Friday, she got called into work, but at the same time she also had a family emergency and had to go pick up her nephew and work is very strict and doesn't let people just ask for hours off. So she asked us to pray and then she prayed to be able to tell her boss the situation and if she could come late. And HE said NO problem, so it all work out and she was super happy and she loves praying now :) Before she never wanted to pray in front of us and now it was super easy to get her to pray!

Oh and so that family we found like 2 weeks ago. We stopped by and taught them again. They are super cool and I think they are even more interested and it was a great lesson. we really just taught them  the same thing but they understood it more and want to find out if its true. Last night we also visited with the***** family. its so fun to visit with them. Even though they were less active for 8 years, I'm pretty sure there was always a testimony  in there. hna. was saying how she knew how much the gospel could bless her family, but priorities were just not right and it tore them apart. Then this last Sunday, They all came to church again. parents and 4 children, She said it was probably the most joyful feeling to see her whole family at church again. They are so COOL! its sad that they had to go through those 8 years to figure out the blessings, but Now they are in it and they can see the purpose of it all!

I love the mission, since this was 3/4 down it was a time of reflection and goal setting so it was a time I sat down and made lots of goals for the last stretch of the mission. So Now its just to make the best of it! Oh and another thing, I was kind of selected to be part of a musical group thing at the VC, and so I went and sang to day and they will tell me later this week if I was selected to be part of it. they made me sing the bass line on a hymn because they need more basses, but I told them I'm a tenor, but they told me to stay bass.... :( o well hopefully it will go alright.

Love you all! Have a great week! and thanks for all the things I got for my B-day!

Elder Hollingshead

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