Friday, March 20, 2015


Dear Everyone!

Well This week has been pretty busy.... but good. So yeah Tuesday we had MLC, so that took all morning and then it went an hour long so we didn't get back to our area till almost 4, then we had LAE that night so it just took all of our time.  Then Wednesday we were really busy just trying to do some work in our area. then, at night we had a good lesson with Juan cazares. he is super cool! and we taught a little bit more about the book of Mormon and  its importance. Then we had a good lesson with Lesly, she's doing alright, but keeps getting busy with her sick daughter and so she hasn't been able to come to church. Then later that night we had a lesson with Myrna, It was good, but she got a little confused with everything so we told her to read the book of Mormon and it would make more sense, and she did and then we called her back a couple of days later and she said it made a lot more sense! So that's why the Book of Mormon is so Key! Because when people read it, it makes sense. SO yeah, then the next day we had interviews with President. So we got there early to set up, then we didn't leave till 4 so again, it was a rough day to get work done. Then that night we came back, and we both had forgotten that we still needed to plan for ZTM the next morning..... We tried to plan it out, but our minds were so fried and dead we couldn't get anything to make sense so we prayed a ton and then finished planning in the morning.  Thankfully in the morning our minds were refreshed and we quickly planned it out and in 30 min we then gave it back to the zone. It was a little crazy last minute. but it worked out and got a lot of good comments. 

Then we went on exchanges, I went with elder Santos, he's a great elder, and his companion is struggling a little bit, but he's working hard, so we had another lesson with **, we watched the restoration video and talked about the word of wisdom. All is good, He's super ready and then we had a great lesson with the ***'s! this is one of the first lessons where they didn't argue in the lesson, It was really powerful and we taught about the importance of prayer. They all committed to pray morning and night everyday! That was about it though, we then were talking and realized ** is super ready and so there is no reason we shouldn't move the date up. So we talked to him last night and he is all for it, so he is going to get baptized this weekend! yeah super quick, but he is ready and really wants to do it.  So we even asked president on what he thought, and he said go for it, if its what he wants. So that's what we did. Then ** and ** both came to church! they are progressing pretty well. And then yeah we have just been busy with meetings. Then also we are closing down LA English. its not very productive anymore so president told us to shut it down. so 2 more classes and its gone. never again will it be heard of.... not really but at least for a while.

Well I love you all so MUCH! thanks for your support! Keep Praying, and praying and then pray more because it will be of the Greatest importance in this life!

Love, :)
Elder Hollingshead

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