Friday, March 20, 2015

***'s Baptism

Well this week was pretty awesome! it was really packed full, but It ended great! ** did get baptized. I baptized him, and it went great! The spirit really was there, and he really was happy, also his wife. she really loved it, she also said that her daughter **(who we taught a little bit this week) is the next baptism. she came to church and seemed to enjoy it. She's a senior in high school and she has a lot of interest in reading the book of Mormon. So yeah that was a great day. we did 2 exchanges this week! One with elder Solano! he's really fun! we had a blast that day! and then with elder Wilson, he's funny. it was really fun. Then also on Wednesday we took like 4 hours helping a companionship out because there was a mid cycle transfer so one missionary left to Torrance, then another came in! so that took a while and then I had to go pickup my bike and  sadly its in pretty bad condition. I knew I shouldn't have left it behind... but I think it just needs a good tune up and it will be in perfect condition. the breaks are shot and it could use a good lube, but overall I think it will still work. But the question is what am I going to do with it at the end? I don't want to sell it because I still want it, but shipping it home costs a lot, but whatever ill figure that out later!

The work is doing great! we got 5 new Investigators! and one of them was a miracle. we only had 4 during the week and early Sunday afternoon. so we kept going around and we were down to last 30min and we had just a few more people to try, and as we were going to the last couple. we saw this lady that came to LAE and she waved so we crossed the street and shared a little message and then set another date to come back and she seems really good to teach! so that was a miracle and we got the 5 NI! Prayers work and as long as were diligent we find the blessings!

I wish I could write some more, but I'm out of time, we went to a Korean BBQ and it was great, but It took a long time and we need to go pick some missionaries up to do something else real quick. so yeah I just want to let you all know that I know this is Gods work and It truly does bring lots of happiness and I Hope You all feel that everyday!


I love you all!

Elder Hollingshead

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